1972 Evinrude Motor HELP

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Posted by Lois ( on July 15, 2005 at 21:07:34:

Manaul says water should be coming out of tell-tale nozzle. But can't find what the tell-tale nozzle is or where it is?

We replaced the water pump, impeller ect. put the motor back together had only a little mist of water coming out the back. Hubby took the whole motor apart to find that when putting it back together he bent a piece of the copper tubing for the water pump flow (if that makes any sense). He replaced the copper tubing. He said this time the whole thing went together sooo smoothly IT JUST FIT PERFECT! Well now there is no water coming out the hole a thr top of the motor where mist was coming out before. Now only the white smoke looking like it was the exhast fumes. Any ideas?

He also would like to know can he take the thermostat out and or pressure valve. He know it would prob. effect preformance but will it hurt it? Thanks as always you guys are a great help!!!!

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