1956 15 Johnson Slow speed needle

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Posted by Jim Hill ( on July 17, 2005 at 14:48:50:

1956 15 Johnson. Model FD10L. I believe this has a model A carburetor. I removed the slow speed needle which was leaking gas. The needle is in good shape. It has some sort of a silver bushing actually screwed on to the needle valve in the middle of the needle valve. When I tried to reinsert the needle valve into the carburetor it would not screw in. Is it stripped? I cannot tell if there are threads in side the carburetor for sure, I think there are. Does the needle valve actually screw into the carburetor? I was thinking the bushing might be some sort of press fit and the needle valve screwed in and out of it. I hope I have adequately explained this situation. Any information would be appreciated

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