55 HP Chrysler problems

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Posted by Brad Amy ( on July 17, 2005 at 21:33:09:

I have a 55hp chrysler (1978)

It still won't "wind out"; The carbs are opening up wide, I have good spark, and the bottom end/Prop seem fine. When I put it to WOT with 3 big guys in the boat (250lbs +), the boat doesn't plane out. We try to adjust the weight in the boat (aay from the front) but it doesn't matter. When I am in it alone, it winds out ok, but maybe not quite as fast as it could be. The compression is good (Over 120) on both, spark (5000v + on each wire while running)-coils must be ok. Is the boat (a Vanguard tri hull) maybe a little heavy for the motor, too much of a load, Or WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? I am getting frustrated. Please let me know. Also, it has Power tilt but not Power trim. Should I try to adjust the tab on the back to a lower position? (SO the motor goes down further)
I also have trim tabs on the motor, but these should help, right?

Please resond. I need input
Brad Amy

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