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Posted by Rick ( on July 18, 2005 at 14:02:23:

In Reply to: Re: Re: 1956 15 Johnson Slow speed needle posted by Rick on July 18, 2005 at 12:31:43:

OK - this bothered me enough that I had to leave work, run home, grab the old carb, and run it up to the shop... This is what I was told:

The "bushing" that comes out is normal. Although it doesn't show it on the parts lists, this is the way they were made. One would think the needle would just screw in like a regular carb, but these don't.

It's the packing, and the packing nut that hold it all together. The packing nut is the long, threaded "sleeve" that goes over the needle and screws into the carb body. As Spike said, the high and low speeds are different sizes.

Before going any further, you should clean your carb completely - just do a search here on the board for carb cleaning, or something to that effect.

Start by putting it all together, and run the needle in till it seats, then back off a bit. Tighten down the packing nut slightly, until snug, hand tight. Run the needle in until it seats, lightly. Don't force it. Back off 1-1/2 turns (low speed needle), and tighten the packing nut.

Same procedure for high-speed needle, only back off 1 full turn.

If the packing is all destroyed, it won't allow the needle to seat properly, and it'll run like crap.

You can adjust the low speen while the motor is in a water can, but you really need to have the boat in the water, under load, to adjust the high speed.

With regard to the position of the red and white adjustment knobs: If you find you're adjusting it, and can't turn it any more, you can loosen the small screw that holds the it in place, and holding the needle with pliers, just run the linkage and back around. Tighten the screw while holding the needle in place. This will allow you to turn the adjuster knob more. You shoudln't have to do this, however, if you seat and back off the needles the right amount of turns...

Once you get them both set, you should never have to move them if you're consistent with your fuel/oil mix, and if your carb stays clean.

A rebuild kit for this carb is available at Napa, but doesn't include the float. For the money, I'd also put a new float in there too...

Hope this helps...

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