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Posted by Jim Hill ( on July 19, 2005 at 05:58:32:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: 1956 15 Johnson Slow speed needle posted by Rick on July 18, 2005 at 14:02:23:

Thank you very much. I have really been at a loss for this. This motor is mechanically perfect. My Dad owned it for years and it ran perfectly last year. I put a fuel pump on it, which was an easy conversion.
I also thought the metal bushing might also be a press fit that had come loose. My question is. Should the threads on the slow speed needle in front of this bushing engage the carburetor body? It looks like there are threads in the carb body. After I removed the packing nut it also seemed to me that I had to unscrew this valve when I removed it for inspection. But I cannot get it to screw in now. This is why I think I need to re tap the carb. Also are the packing two non-rubber washers. I bought a carb kit for a 1955 25 Evinrude and many of these where included. In the diagram for the 56 carb I see two of these type of washer that would sit behind the metal bushing on the slow speed needle. I really appreciate this motor is kind of an heirloom and I do not want to tell Dad I broke it!!

Also on a non-related subject. I rebuilt the ignition (Coils, Points Etc.) on the 1955 25 Evinrude. All went well except. It shows the felt oiler wicks in the diagram. But there does not seem to be a place to actually attach them. On my 56 18 horse there was a post and a clip. On the big twin it looks like the oiler wicks lay next to the points and the back of the felt rests against the copper clips that hold the points spring and point body together. Do you happen to know if this is correct? I will also post this question on the board. Thanks again Jim

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