Clinton 3.5 Will not start!

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Posted by Steve ( on July 22, 2005 at 07:44:02:

I have a Clinto 3.5, sold as Sea King Mont Ward. Mod. XTV-52235, single cyl. She is very old but seems to be in good cond. When I first got it it started and ran rough. I ordered an owners guide. Changed/gapped plug, put in new points/gapped and new carb. It seems to have good comp. good spark and gas to carb. It refuses to start. After a few slow pulls, i feel it catch then a good tug and it tries to start. After that nothing. (except a very tired arm) Tried starting fluid, adjusting mixture per owner's guide. Still nothing. Would you guys have any recommendations? Everyone around where I live says throw it away. I just can't seem to toss it!
Thanks, Steve

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