1993 Evinrude 30 hp outboard problems

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Posted by Sherrie Iverson ( on July 23, 2005 at 09:58:02:

SPIKE, we need your help!! We're frustrated with our 1993 30 hp.Evinrude pull start engine. We take it out for a ride on the saltwater, runs awesome/nice and quiet for about 10 minutes then jerks down to an idle speed, after a few minutes we can bring it to full throttle but not long after 10 minutes? it jerks back down to idling speed. We idle into the dock, try to bring up to full throttle just jerks and won't come up. Now, if we we're to do this the next day on a test run, it would do the same format. We've had it to a Outboard Mechanic but he can't figure it but we feel he doesn't have time to play around with it. On this motor it has a temperature sensor, do we need this?? Please email us back asap as the motor is starting to be ripped apart in the yard and we're supposed to be leaving on holidays with the boat/motor next week. I got your name from a guy I emailled of of this website Terry Lamb
Joe Iverson

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