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Posted by Ed Mc. ( on July 23, 2005 at 13:14:34:

In Reply to: Finding parts for 1962 OMC Outboard posted by Brian on July 23, 2005 at 08:05:50:

Your motor should be similar to the older Johnson/Evninrude 50HP V4 but has higher compression heads and different reed blocks/valves which give it a bit more pep.

All older (pre-'67-or-so) mechanical-shift model V4's used 2 types of gearcase: Heavy Duty and Light Duty.

The Heavy Duty gearcase has a horizontal split along the gearcase and comes apart similar to the older J/E Big Twins. Pretty easy to work on since it opens right up. These lower units generallt spin a larger diameter prop and were real stump-pullers.

The Light Duty lower unit doesn't split at the bottom. It's smaller, and more streamlined, with a very pointed nose. This type has 2 long studs going vertically thru the assy, and is REAL FUN to get apart if it's been run in salt. Use LOTS of heat and PB Blaster!

Once you figure out what type of gearcase you have, you should be able to go to any Johnson/Evinrude dealer and have them look up parts for you.

The impellers and water pump housings were the same for all of these, of course seals etc will differ. But all the 'soft good' types of parts are still available from the dealer and aftermarket (like Sierra Marine).

And there's no decent substitute for O-rings, I doubt if a gasket-maker type would provide a long-lasting seal. If you can't locate a particular O-ring, match it up at the local auto parts store.

You can look up various part numbers for your motor at this web site; they have real good prices too:

HTH and G'luck.............ed

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