Sears Gamefisher 15 HP Overheating problem

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Posted by Sailbad ( on July 23, 2005 at 20:52:29:

Have Sears 15HP 1994 made by Mercury. Just put in new short block, new head, water pump kit, thermostat, and re-built carbeurator(sp)(prior owner was clueless about saltwater flushing, winterizing, and re-torqueing head bolts).

Break-in voyage- Water pump telltale just fine on break-in voyage. No water discharge from thermostat port however. Motor overheated and seized. Started back up after 30 minute cool-down, I limped back to port with very short engine runs. At home I removed the new thermostat and ran engine in my high-tech garbage can test tank without the thermostat. There was full flow from thermostat port. Head/block stayed cool as a cucumber. Thinking of leaving off thermostat and putting a bushing in the thermostat water exhaust port to mimic flow restriction of open thermostat. Any problems with this????

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