need help with a 115 mercury outboard

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Posted by Shawn ( on July 24, 2005 at 20:23:20:

I have a mercury 115 with 6 plugs and 3 carbs. let me say I dont know much about boat motors but I guess when I'm finished with this boat I'll be much the wiser. My problem is that I can't get the boat to plane. I have a 1982 astroglass 16' bass boat. the boat has sat for two years with minimal starting. I noticed the first time out everything ran beautiful, I stopped a idle for a minute and went to plane up and it bogged down for a second then took off no more problems until now. Every thing starts up fine idles fine out of the water hook the rabbit ears up motor sounds great. put it in the water and starts fine, runs along slow, go to give it gas to plane up and motor bogs down like its starving for fuel or mabe too much fuel,can't tell. The fuel ball seems tight, line coming form gas tank has a filter its clean. what might my problem be any advice. I did notice today that right above the prop on the lower unit there is a round alum piece with a small fin that hangs down and the nut must have worked itsef loose and it has fallen off. what is this and could it be causing the motor to bog down when trying to plane up?


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