Fuel Pump Upgrade from Hell

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Posted by Rich n' PA ( on July 25, 2005 at 19:55:05:

Replaced worn fuel pump on 68' 4cyl Chevy I/O. New pump not identical. Pump has an "upgrade" on it. Fuel in ... Fuel out ... and an additional hose coupling on base (the upgrade). Manufacturer Rep said to connect a hose from coupling to line going to carb. (Upgrade to cover a diaphragm malfuction and route fuel to carb.) Started engine ... pump started pumping ... fuel started pouring out of the carb bowls and all over the place. (Carb floats checked, and not sticking.) Pinched off this new line and fuel stopped pouring out of carbs. Engine ran no more than 2 minutes and gas started pouring out of the PCV hose on rocker-cover. FPump had routed gas into the block and into the oil. DOSE ANYONE KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON HERE ?? DOSE ANYONE KNOW THE CORRECT HOOK-UP FOR THIS GREAT " UP-GRADE" ???

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