Running power condition

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Posted by Ted Everett ( on July 27, 2005 at 08:59:11:

I have a 58 Mag. type V-4 Starflite. All is well and replaced. carb's R&R. Cooling chk, all tune up 5 hrs. old. Now the prob. is at full power the power backs off after 5oo yds. Knew that thermo was bad and removed for run. Did have a overheating prob. on upper 2 opp. cyl. 1&2. Running better yesterday. High speed and Idel screws re-set by book. Still power pulls off. 1st. ? Will the Thermo still out cause this prob. The 2nd ? is there any other ideas for help. seems to be the only remain for great running fun. Thanks, Ted

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