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Posted by Ed Mc. ( on July 27, 2005 at 12:36:04:

In Reply to: Coils for 55 Gale 12 HP posted by Andrew on July 27, 2005 at 10:31:40:

Ign coils are under the flywheel. You'll need a harmonic balancer puller or other suitable puller, plus (3) Grade 8 or better 1/4-20 puller bolts of suitable length. Do not use Grade 5 or less as they might tear out. Be sure to clean the crank and flywheel tapers, and re-torque the flywheel nut to around 40 ft-lbs.

Most libraries will have copies of outboard repair manuals that you can photocopy. Real common is the Old Outboard Repair Manual. Vol I will have the info you need.

BTW your Gale is very similar to a Johnson/Evinrude 15HP of that era, so common parts are still available at OMC dlrs and aftermarket.

The Sierra Marine line of aftermarket replacement parts would have all you need to keep the ol' gal going.

Here's a link to the Sierra catalog so you can figure out what you need:

I'd pick up a new set of ign coils, also a Tune-Up Kit which consists of new points, condensers, and points lube. Under $20 even at the dlr. Note that even if the coils are not cracked, if they are old they're probably no good. If they are 'weeping' or oozing material they're shot also.

Here's a good place to find parts; they have very good prices. I got some ign coils recently for a '56 5.5 Ev and they were around $12, almost half-off the retail price.


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