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Posted by Spike ( on July 27, 2005 at 15:45:29:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Johnson 4 horse wont start? posted by Chris on July 27, 2005 at 14:10:54:

I`m trying to remember:: I think the front coil goes to the top cylinder.Usually the wires are marked.Be sure the points are set at the highest point .020.
If there is spark,fuel and compression it has to run.If not something is missing.Compression,timing,spark.You say there is spark and fuel.
Flywheel should be torqued to 30-40 ft lbs.If not it may have allready slipped enough to throw off things.Drive key has an up and a down and so does the cam.The mark on the key goes down.Be sure the "top" mark is up on the cam.
Compression tester is not expensive and easy to use.Some screw into the sparkplug hole and you simply crank it over.

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