Re: advice re replacing impeller on 1973 9.5 hp Evinrude

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Posted by Ed Mc. ( on July 27, 2005 at 19:50:23:

In Reply to: advice re replacing impeller on 1973 9.5 hp Evinrude posted by boyd jarvis on July 27, 2005 at 17:58:55:

This one has the brass coupler for the shift rod down at the split between the lower unit and center section.

What you do is remove the bolts that hold the lower unit on, then allow the lower unit to drop down a bit.

Then you can access the bolt that clamps the coupler tight. Once you get this out, pry the coupler apart a bit and the lower unit will drop right down.

The rest is just standard Johnrude, watch the screws in the pump housing, if they're stuck use heat (propane or MAPP torch) to get them unstuck, PB Blaster also helps once you've got them working loose. Otherwise they'll break and getting broken stainless out of alum is no fun!!!


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