Question for Spike, Re: Ted Williams 4.5 hp & 7.5 hp

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Posted by H. Park ( on June 27, 2004 at 06:51:56:

Hey Spike, I have a Sears Ted Williams 4.5 hp outboard. The model number is 21758890. It has a non movable tiller (other than hinges up or down). The model number according to the shows it is a tiller grip 7.5 hp. On the antique outboard motor website, it has pictures and shows the 4.5 and 7.5 motors. Mine definately is the 4.5 hp motor all controls (throttle, choke and mixture) are on the motor itself, no throttle on the tiller handle. My question is (sorry for the length of this) is this. Are the bottom ends (part of the moutboard below the engine) interchangable? Could I have a 4.5 hp on a 7.5 bottom end? I was told by Lynn a while back that possibly the cowling had been changed (7.5 to a 4.5) at one time, but my till does not move and all controls are on the motor itself. On the 7.5 the tiller twist, throttle in the tiller. Thanks for your help and this is a absolutely wonderful website. H. Park

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