'98' Evinrude 4 stroke 15 horse

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Posted by Dock ( on August 09, 2005 at 10:45:30:

Help !! My engine stalls out after running for approx. 30 to 40 minutes. It sounds fuel starved, (sputters & pops prior to dying). After sitting for a while, it restarts, but doesn't run for very long before dying again. It runs well at all speeds (when it runs). In cooler weather it runs longer before stalling. I'm sensing it's a heat related problem. Heres what I've tried to date: 1) new fuel with drying agent added, 2) new spark plugs, 3) drained and flushed carburator bowl, 4) new fuel pump, 5) new fuel line from tank to motor, with added fuel filter, 6) new tank, 7) new 'power pack' (top end electronics ?), 8) adjusted valves, 9) rerouted and put heat shield on engine fuel line.
The water pump works like a champ, I'm not low on oil, and I'm having the coil checked as I write.
Am I missing something? Is it just because I was unfortunate to choose Evinrude? Bad Karma? I run out of Moss Landing in Monterey Bay and the motor runs just long enough to get me in trouble. Help if you have any ideas, please!!!

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