johnson 40 horse motor

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Posted by richard ster ( on August 09, 2005 at 18:00:42:

I have a 40 horse power johnson motor built back in the earily 70's my question is, is it normal to have the choke out while runing the motor? When I push in the choke the motor begins to die and if I pull out the choke the motor runs fine. With the choke out and I push forward 3/4 on the trotle the motor runs good until I push the trotle all the way forward the motor beging to boag down when I pull the trotle back to the 3/4 mark the motor runs fine. There are two spark plugs for the motor I installed new ones and the same goes. What is the right setting for the needle for the gas flow right now I have it turned out 3/4. Is there away to tell if your motor is running at the proper horse speed? It seams mine is not. Boats with smaller horse power are passing me up pretty quickly. Are could it be just a old motor.

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