76 Mercury 110 9.8 hp dies at WOT

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Posted by KevinS ( on August 09, 2005 at 18:05:40:

It will be running great for 5 minutes or so and then suddenly die at WOT. To get it started again I usually have to give it some choke and then it will run fine again for just a few minutes and do it again. Sometimes if it stumbles a bit I can cut the power and keep it from stalling but it tends to surge like it's not getting gas. Having read through previous posts, I've tried squeezing the fuel bulb but that doesn't help. Could it be the unusually high humidity that we're experiencing? I've readjusted the idle mixture and that helped a bit but didn't solve the problem. My other thought is whether the float is sticking. Any help would be appreciated.

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