Re: Anyone else have early 70s ted williams stuck in drive?

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Posted by Greg Mc ( on August 11, 2005 at 07:07:20:

In Reply to: Anyone else have early 70s ted williams stuck in drive? posted by Stone on August 11, 2005 at 05:01:14:

The clutch mechanism is a spring wrapped around a hub on the bottom of the crankshaft. The spring is attached to the driveshaft. It has a tab sticking out to the side that the shift lever catches to stop the driveshaft by causing the spring to slightly unwind and loosen its grip on the crankshaft hub. It is very common for these springs to have the tabs broken off by someone shifting to neutral at too high RPM. There is virtually no repair possible to the broken spring. The only choice is to replace it. 30 years ago the clutch assembly was about $35 so most of these engines never got fixed. I think I heard that the clutches are no longer available now. Probably won't have much luck finding a used one either because the sprng breakage was a very, very common problem.

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