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Posted by lanny ( on August 11, 2005 at 21:20:46:

In Reply to: need to know about 50hp evinrude posted by matt on July 16, 2005 at 09:33:16:

I have a 1972 Evinrude electric shift, it has been a great motor, I put it in the water this year and drove it around, about a month later, knowing the boat is a great starter and an exceptional idler I went out to give it a start, well you know the rest, 1st step is to remove the fuel line to the carbs, gas right, pump the bulb, gas should flow readily, if not check the fuel pump, 2nd remove the drain plug on the top carb, replace the fuel line so you can get gas into the carb, do the same to the lower carb
I will bet you don't have gas comming out of the drain holes of each carb, then the needle and seat
(carb kit is aprox 15.00 on Ebay
It is a fixed needle and seat assembly and would take an hour or 2 to remove the carbs and reinstall
Least that was my problem and the motor runs great again, Remember a motor needs Gas, spark, and air, If you remove a spark plug and check for spark, I am pretty shure your needle inside the carb is sticking

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