Mercuiser 3.0 starting problems

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Posted by Dennis Stanley ( on August 14, 2005 at 11:30:56:

I have a 1997 17'Maxum with a 135hp 3.0 Mercuiser. I haven't started it in a while and recently, when I took it out, had problems starting it. It was sluggish starting, but turned over slowly. While starting, you could hear the starting solenoid (I guess) clicking while the motor turned. It finally started, but when I got home and was cleaning it up, I noticed the negative lead post on the battery had actually heated up enough during starting that it was melted. I found it was a bad battery, so I turned it in and bought a new battery. The battery, old and new, was an Everstart Extreme Marine Battery from WalMart. Model #24DP-4, 675 Marine Cranking Amps and 550 Cold Cranking Amps. The motor had the same sluggish problem with the new battery. I have inspected all the cables/wiring and found no corrosion or obvious problems.
Question: Since the solenoid clicks while starting, even with a good battery, do I have a bad solenoid, alternator, or starter to cause these sluggish and battery heating up problems? How can I verify what is bad?

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