1977 85hp Evinrude No Spark (At all) in all 4 cylinders

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Posted by Brad ( on August 15, 2005 at 18:14:01:

Hi guys,
I sold my 55hp Chrysler, and bought an 85 hp Evinrude (1977) That I thought would be better. It has 110-115 Comp in each cylinder. However, it Gets NO SPARK. I tested each of the plugs, and no spark at all (In all of them). The motor cranks over fine, the plugs are getting wet, but no spark. What could cause this? How could I test the power pack? It is unlikely (I believe) that all of the coils are pooched at the same time. Could something cause there to be no spark (Some sort of cut-off)? How would I test the power pack, or can I?

I want to go fishing

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