hydro elec. problems

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Posted by juggalo ( on August 26, 2005 at 14:24:27:

allright i recently obtained a JOHNSON 60HP hydro electric shift. first problem is it wont shift and i have no idea about these type of engines i know all the basics about carbs starters fuel pump but the electrical part im kindA in the dark. if there was any way someone could possibly e-mail me a wiring diagram. i have changed the ignition there was four wires that i hook to 1 single post on the key ignition where its labeled IGN. I have no idea if all four of those wires need current at all times. and what part of the motor is the electricshift(are there solenoids, all i can see is two wires trailing into the lower unit from topright of the engine to the bottom left of the lower unit). if anyone can e-mail me a wiring diagram i would appriciate it alot.

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