Re: Re: 68 Johnny rude 18H.P. Prop TORQUE - HELP PLEASE

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Posted by John ( on August 27, 2005 at 14:48:46:

In Reply to: Re: 68 Johnny rude 18H.P. Prop TORQUE - HELP PLEASE posted by Spike on August 27, 2005 at 14:34:37:

Thanks Spike. I had it finger tight with a new cotter key. Any ideas as to why it sheered as it was brand new.It is set up like this- the prop goes on then the pointed prop nut then the cotter key. The nut does have a couple of flats which made me think that maybe it was supposed to be tightened with a wrench and I only had it finger snugged and maybe that is why it sheered. ust trying to make it reliable to try again. Thanks for any help and thoughts you might have. OH - the sheer pin was a brand new brass pin. Do I need to make one out of steel? It seems this would nullify the purpose on haveing a sheer pin. ANY THOUGHTS? Thanks John

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