Pressure Tank Leaking

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Posted by Martin ( on August 30, 2005 at 08:44:55:

Hi, i need help in solving a leak in my johnson milemaster pressure tank.When i push up and down on the aluminum primer pump button to build up pressure i get leaking around the stem of it. The tank holds pressure cause after several days i can unscrew the gas cap and hear it, also ran motor on lake with it fine but it still leaked. Its bothersome cause it does leak. I replaced the diaphram gasket twice along with the 2 small round metal supports with the same results.The upper and lower housing seem to be in real nice shape as well.Am i suppose to put the diaphram gasket on with a gasket sealer? I currently don't.I do use a small amount of gasket sealer with the tank cork gasket.Not sure how this sytem actually delivers fuel, does it come up through the foot valve stem into the lower housing and somehow is leaking through the primer assembly?Any help is appreciated.

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