Re: Pressure Tank Leaking

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Posted by Spike ( on August 30, 2005 at 15:23:42:

In Reply to: Pressure Tank Leaking posted by Martin on August 30, 2005 at 08:44:55:

I skimmed the pressure tank repair section in my Seloc manual.The only thing I saw was Don't over tighten the plunger nut that secures it to the diaphram. It says "snug the nut so as not to distort the diaphram" and the plunger knob must rotate freely in order to keep the plunger from tearing the diaphram as the thumb tends to turn the plunger as it is pressed.If I am understanding the assembly the only place the gas can get through a properly sealed diaphram is at the plunger.If I am understanding the diaphram its sole purpose is to pump gas to the carb when you push the primer button.
Are you sure all parts are present.With the hose connection at 6 oclock there is a small disc at 4 oclock from the plunger.there is an air relief valve with washer and spring,The screws that secure the pump to the tank have little gaskets to keep gas from coming out of the ccrew holes.

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