Sea King Model GG9004A

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Posted by Steve ( on September 08, 2005 at 20:23:40:

I am looking for help to point me in the direction of finding a repair manual, or any operating/repair information and or location for parts on a Montgomery Wards Sea King 3 Model GG9004A, Serial # 55X572726 that I just purchased. Any other make/model equivalency would be good to know as well, and if parts are all interchangeable.

Also, does anybody have any idea how to realign a lower unit on this with the upper unit? It arrived from shipping with the lower unit about 10 degrees out of alignment with the top unit (I think from baning around in the box...poor packing). I have removed the lower unit, and see no adjustment there, so I put it back together. Before I tear into it further, I thought somebody might have some advice on an easy adjustment for this and save me some headaches.

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