2001 Yamaha Uh-oh !!

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Posted by Wade ( on September 11, 2005 at 21:20:25:

Today, my wife and i were in our boat and decided to go for a spin in our pontoon boat. Has a 2001 50 horse Yamaha 2 stroke..........Well coming out of the hole it wanted to bog down but then picked up speed and ran fine...Rode around for 21/2 hours then the problems start.Hmmmmm well check the fuel filter, a little dirty cleaned it.Check Plugs firing hot. Now in neutral the motor runs ok, a little rough though. In drive at full trottle will only reach half speed. Bulb is pressurized and put in only 5 gallons of fuel to top off tanks. What am i missing?????? And what else can i check for? thanx

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