9.5 SPORTWIN, Johnson/Evinrude

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Posted by Bob ( on September 15, 2005 at 00:42:23:

9.5hp Sportwin motors weigh only 60# and were short, stubby motors that took less space in the car trunk. I owned one in the 70's. Seems they were made between 1964 and 1970. Are they good motors? Or were they discontinued for valid reasons? I remember mine liked a shot of starting fluid when it got warmed up. But it always ran, and maybe it needed tuned up too. Does anybody know what the compression should be for the cylinders? And a question about the horsepower. I have a late 90's 8hp Johnson. Will this older 9.5 Sportwin plane my little boat noticeably better than my 8hp, which just gets me up on step? Dunno if more hp means more performance speed. Speed comes from hp, prop pitch, rpm, etc. Therefore, I'm asking from those "in the know" to guesstimate if my assumption about moving me along faster w/ the 9.5hp is valid or flawed.

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