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Posted by Dan ( on September 19, 2005 at 22:15:25:

OK guys and gals here is the deal. I have this mercury inline 6 motor. I got it from my father in law who got it from ebay. And when he bought it, he was told it was an 87ish mercury 90 horse. Well the first thing we figured was the cowling was off of a different motor (it has the older 70ish blue pin striping around where it ways mercury, and it has 900 across the back) and that got me thinking, was it even a 90? Well I have become somewhat convinced that it is a 115. And I am basing this on some of the numbers that I found on the motor. I found the numbers, 2115-8706 right under the throttle linkage, and then I found the numbers 971-8443 between the no 1 and 2 carbs, and then I found the numbers 852-7738 on the starboard side of the motor. Well I did a search on these numbers and came up with a guy that was asking the year of his 115 hp inline 6. I also pulled the numbers off of the carbs (wmk-41) and the only refereces I found to those numbers online were also referring to a 115 hp merc. I am at my wits end with this motor just trying to find some info on it, and have been told that there is no way to determine the year without having the s/n, (plate was taken off by one of the previous owners so it could be painted, and never put back on) but I can't believe that this is the case. I could of course be way off course, as I am no boat mechanic by any means, but where there is a will there is a way right? I have tried contacting the local marine shops and they have not been helpful. I know this is long winded and I appreciate anyone even taking the time to read it. Oh yeah right beneath the front plate it says for servicing this motor refer to manual 37-13020.

I have pics and can provide. Thanks for reading,

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