85 Hp Evinrude (1977) Not Shifting Properly with remote control

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Posted by Brad Amy ( on September 25, 2005 at 20:09:36:

Hi Guys,
I am Back!!! (LOL)

I have, as stated, a 1977 85 hp Evinrude. I had to pull the bottom end off to replace the impellar- Everything seemed ok before I took off the bottom end. the problem I have now is that I cannot adjust the cable so that I have Forward AMD reverse. I know how to adjust the cable at the motor, and I DID fasten the connector beteen the bottom end shifter and shift linkage. Everything looks good. HOWEVER, I noticed that when I adjust the cable one way, it actually "Unscrews" from the cable side (Remote control side ) of the motor. You then can actually see the cable inside. Does this end SCREW ON to the brass piece at the end of the cable, or is it compressed on as I believe it is. The adjuster for the shift linkage actually spins the end out of the brass piece at the end of the cable. IS the cable the problem? IF so, How much of a battle is it to do? I do have an online seloc manual for this.
What else could be the problem? Does the shaft that goes to the bottom end unscrew?
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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