Lower Unit - Should I have it checked?

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Posted by Rick ( on October 05, 2005 at 07:41:24:

Was out tonite on the river at WOT when I heard that gut wrenching sound - bang - then my motor reved up super high. Immediately shut her down, and checked prop/lower unit. It was covered in seaweed. Cleaned it off, restarted, and ran fine for the rest of the night. I've had seaweed tangled pretty bad before, and just hit reverse to clear.

Checked prop, sheer pin, etc., all look good. Prop is new, along with seals/bearing, etc. all of which have about 3 hours on it. Out of the water, the prop spins straight, with no resistance, etc.

Should I have the shop rip into the lower unit, or continue to use as is?


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