Eska gas/carb problem

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Posted by Todd ( on October 06, 2005 at 15:15:46:

I have a circa 1973 Eska 9.9 HP motor. It runs fair once I get it started, but it will stall without any apparent reason. At first, air was getting into the line, but I solved that problem by getting a new tank and hose. When it stalls, even after running for a long time, I must choke the living daylights out of it to get it started. The carb seems suspect as the there seems to be some leakage around the seals. I have a clear gas line going to the carb and I am constantly having to force the gas up to the carb by squeezing the bulb to start it. After a few pulls, the gas retreats down the line. Is this normal? Carb repair kit?

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