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Posted by Ed Mc. ( on October 08, 2005 at 22:34:18:

In Reply to: Oils for a 1989 Merc Blackmax 150 posted by Ray on October 08, 2005 at 16:20:10:

Use Hi-Vis Marine Grade gear oil.

Use a TCW-3 rated oil. Mfr's oils usually cost more but have more additives which will keep your motor's innards clean. The super-cheap oils typically only meet bare-minimum TCW-3 standards.

One exception to this is Penzoil Synthetic Blend; pretty good stuff, and it's been recommended on a lot of boating forums included this one. Less than $10/gal at most Wal-Marts. You should also find gear lube there at less than $3/quart which is all you'll need to refill your lower unit.

Do yourself a favor and pick up one of those handy-dandy gear oil pumps that will fit in a quart bottle, as it'll make things a lot easier and less messy when filling the L/U.


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