50 hp force lack of speed

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Posted by Ladyfisher ( on October 14, 2005 at 07:32:48:

We have fixed our force for most of the summer and taking her out on trials. We just put a new water pump assembly on so she is not over heating any more. Finally thought she was fixed for good and now she is only moving 12 km/hour for a top speed, we got her up to 35 km/hour before. We took the thermastat out and have one on order, would that make a difference in the speed. Besides the lack of speed she runs like a top even without the thermastat, I think that she is sucking the gas back as well. When we ran her before the therm. was stuck on close. Hubby does not think that it could be the therm. but at this point who knows. Any ideas would be appreciated.
we have good spark in both cylinders and everything else is perfect.

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