Old Evinrude 3hp. Light Twin

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Posted by Ken Dykstra ( on October 22, 2005 at 16:59:01:

Gentlemen........I've got an old Evinrude 3hp. that I'd like to get to run right. It'll only run nearly wide open. I've had the head off.....cly. walls look good...no groves or scratches. Compression is 60#, and even on both clyinders....cranking it over by hand, of course. I've cleaned the carb, replaced the plugs, and replaced the water pump. Could I be dealing with bad crank seals?? How can I test them?? Also, one of the little stands in the carb that holds the end of the float shaft has part of the ear broken off. Would JB Weld be a suitable product to repair this?? Can it stand being in fuel constantly?? Any suggestions you guys might have would be severely appreciated!! Its a model 3502A, serial#R34970. The tag says it was made in Belgium. Thanks!!!


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