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Posted by TerryL ( on October 24, 2005 at 10:16:27:

In Reply to: Yamaha, Evinrude and Honda opinions please posted by Borders on October 23, 2005 at 19:42:16:

There are so many happy choices, its almost hard to go wrong... I will give you my opinions only. I have owned several 40 hp Yamaha 2-strokes, and many Evinrudes. (They don't do 35's now?) All were superb, and based on my experience (including over 4000 hrs apiece on several motors) I would purchase any Evinrude and any Yamaha blindfolded. I did notice that in Alaska, where a lot of motors earn livings for folks, Yamaha was absolutely ubiquitous.
I have also had some Mercs, and though they have performed well, I never liked the sound of them...kind of like a faithful but severely out of whack washing machine...lots of clanking and clunking, but still doing the job.
In the 4-stroke line, it is Honda ruling the roost in this area, though it appears the others are finally making inroads into the market.
In the end, it appears to me your dilemma is a delightful one. I don't know how you will be using the boat, but in general its a good idea to power-up all the way to the sticker HP. Have Fun!

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