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Posted by Computerguyhouston ( on October 28, 2005 at 19:27:57:

In Reply to: Evinrude twin 3hp Folding Gas/Oil Ratio posted by Computerguyhouston on October 27, 2005 at 17:40:38:

My moter Model is
1967 Evinrude 3hp
Model #3702c
Serial #E02280
I have looked but not found a manual for this out board I do have a Manual for the 3hp Lightwin models 3602 and 3603 wich is the same manual for the Ducktwin model 3612

This manual gives fuel to opil mixture ratios of 24:1
From what I can tell their is no difference in any of these motors from outer apperances other than the lenght of their lower legs.

Is my motor Fuel/oil ratio 24:1 or 50:1

The motor was ran with 50:1 ratio for 1 season with about 15 hrs run time.

A while back "Spike" ID this motor for me and gave a Fuel/oil mix of 50:1
Don't get me wrong Spike, I VERY MUCH value the information that you have given me in the past with all of the outboard gusetion that I have posted.

Thanks to all that reply

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