88 Evinrude 90hp power loss at WOT

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Posted by Ron ( on September 04, 2004 at 11:05:11:

was buzzing arounld at WOT when power dropped. can still get up on plan but can feel and here about 25% less power. have taken it out a few times sence than and power is still lower than before.
new plugs, new oil water seperator, compression 120 at all cyl's, mechanical throttel goes all the way to the stops. did a drop test on the cylinders
(removed 1 wire at a time)and ran. all ran like garbage when removed.
Motor idels and purr great, just that power loss.
Putting a TACH in this weekend and can than give those readings, want to do that before messing with the timming.
also going to replace fuel bulb and that little in line fuel filter.
One thing I have noticed is the bulb seemed to be fermer before but now seems a bit more squshy (technical term.

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