120 Mercruiser - throttle/etc.

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Posted by Steve ( on September 05, 2004 at 08:48:41:

Hi, we just inherited a boat with a 120 "Mercruiser I/O" from a friend of the family who recently passed. It's a late 70's tri-hull and being an old small hand-driven outboard fisherman, I don't know squat about this thing. I know it has to be checked out & winterized, and I'll have that done professionally but if someone could describe the starting procedure/throttle (I notice the handle has a 'lock' point, from which it can go backwards or forwards, but where this should be to start, rev engine, and switch to outboard operation I have no idea), and what needs to be checked on the engine and outboard besides the oil I would be most grateful. Better yet is there somewhere I can get an operating manual for this? I've tried looking online but can only find in-depth maintenance/repair related stuff (I think I'll leave bigger maintenance issues to the local pros, I'm an old dog and my capacity to learn new tricks isn't what it used to be!). Thanks much - Steve

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