20 hp chrysler, no water

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Posted by bill ( on December 15, 2005 at 19:22:05:

I am somewhat perplexed
The beast has 4 basic parts, powerhead, baseplate, intermediate leg, bottom leg
The bottom leg has been off, all checks out, driving the impeller with an elec drill produces a good flow of water
I am not sure if the leg is original, it has a different colour, the flange mount of the leg is smaller that that of the intermediate leg, however the holes line up and there appears to be no "modification" having taken place to achieve this
With the bottom leg removed and a garden hose attached to the feed pipe, water circulates and keeps things cool
The powerhead appears to be ok, 100lb + compression
I will remove both the bottom leg and powerhead for further investigation
I note that the powerhead has a pipe outlet for the water
If the bottom leg is not original I suspect that the water flow maybe inadequate and may address this by reducing the dia of the pipe
Exhaust appears to exit both via bottomleg and intermediate leg
Is it possible that exhaust pressure is driving water away from the impeller housing?
Any suggestions for remedying will be appreciated


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