1984 Johnson 150 2 questions

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Posted by Brian ( on September 16, 2004 at 15:05:41:

I blew one head gasket in July and immediately took it to the shop so they could fog it and get all of the water out to prevent rusting. It turned out that the rubber deflectors were swollen and preventing water to circulate around all of the cylinders. The reason the gasket blew is that my overheat horn was not working. I'm just now getting around to replacing the gasket and deflectors on the other side, and do not have my repair manual. My first question is: Is there anything tricky to replacing the head gasket? (i.e. things that could be catastrophic but are not obvious)

Second, the same question for the overheat horn. I know it is the horn and not the sensors b/c I grounded the circuit to the block and the horn did not sound. Is there anything tricky to pulling apart the control box and replacing the horn?


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