Sear Ted Willians4.5 hp Out Board

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Posted by Kevin James ( on September 20, 2004 at 04:59:42:

I recently purcahsed this 4.5 for a couple of bucks. The motor seems to be alright except for the carb to clena up. What is the oil gas ration for this motor? I will be puting it back together this week and would like to try an start it if can the a ration on the fuel. Also where can I look to get a sevice manual for the motor. Last but lease, does any body out thier still have parst for these old motors
serial # 154918.

Also I have another collectable I'll post later on in the week when I get the information off the motor.


This is a new hobby. I want to collect old out boards and restore them. Any leads on where I purchase more would br great.

Kevin James

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