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Posted by Spike ( on October 07, 2004 at 17:07:05:

In Reply to: 1969 55 HP Evinrude posted by Tonyh on October 07, 2004 at 09:16:55:

Can`t tell you much about the buzzing except it is trying to tell you don`t run it till you know what it means.Buzzing sometimes indicates low fuel pressure.Diffucult to tell whats up from your discription.I would start with a compression check.Then a tune up clean and set the points .010. new plugs.DO NOT ATTEMPT ANY IGNITION REPAIR OR TESTING WITHOUT A MANUAL.
It is a CDI system and is easily damaged with improper use and repair.A manual will also tell you carb settings etc.I`m also betting the fuel system should be checked from tank to carbs with
special attention to cleaning.

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