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Posted by Aaron Gatt Floridia ( on August 25, 2002 at 08:06:07:

I have an old trolling reel that is missing the ratchet
and would like to have it repaired. The reel is an OLYMPIC and the model
seems to be Dolphin 614. The reel is made in Japan and
is oh high quality. It works perfectly apart from the
ratchet a a couple of small missing screws.

It looks very , very similar to a Penn Senator reel and I would not be surprised if they are the same design ( maybe built under license or using the same design ) and use identical parts.

It is very similar to this reel http://www.pennreels.com/cat/reels/products.php?26. Could anyone tell me the equivalent model so that I can order parts.


Aaron Gatt Floridia

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