Garcia Mitchell 402 Saltwater

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Posted by Andy ( on August 27, 2002 at 18:43:10:

I just paid 30 bucks for an old rod and reel. I don't care about the rod but the reel is a Garcia Mitchell 402 Saltwater in nice condition. I'm trying to nail down the year it was made. I know that it was made after 1963 because it has the reinforced handle and I think it was made before 1969 because of a reference to the similarities between it and the 486 made in 1969. Also in 1971 I believe they put letters in the front of the serial number to designate the year made. The only serial number I found is on the foot that attaches to the rod 0918282. I was just going to use the rod and reel but when I got out to my truck with it another customer came up to me and offered me 40 dollars for the reel alone so now I'll just shelve it and try to find out when it was made and where it stands in the history of fishing reels...

If you know anything about the 402 Saltwater please email me.


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