Re: Great Lakes Imperial Spinning Rod Combo

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Posted by Gunner Benavente ( on May 29, 2004 at 20:45:36:

In Reply to: Re: Great Lakes Imperial Spinning Rod Combo posted by Bert J Flores on April 03, 2004 at 19:56:37:

I found an early model with a new rod built for it at a gun show. Got it for $25.00 and use it all the time to pull Bass and Perch out their homes.
it is the solid green whirlaway that you have to open up, and set the drag on top the reel, then close it back up. Had one when I was a kid that was tan and transparent, and had the drag adjuster built into the bottom of the 'genie bottle' as i always called it. That's the only 2 I haave ever seen in my life.

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