Reel Parts Needed

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Posted by Raymond ( on October 29, 2002 at 13:32:50:

I got some old reels from my grand father.
Problem is they are missing some parts or have broken parts.
Just wondering if any of you folks out there might have these reels or parts listed below, I will buy them from you.

1. I need the center spinning shaft (not the handle gear)
2. I need a new handle.
3. I need the drag tightener on top of the spool.

Luxor - Large Saltwater, made by Pezon & Michel size #C

1. I need a knob for the handle.
2. I need the drag tightener on top of the spool.
3. I need the swing arm that puts the line on the spool.
4. I need that small threaded cap that goes on the side of the bail. I
think that is what it's called.

R- U Reel Made in France, I think it is made by Pezon & Michel

1. I need the handle.

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