100 % knot strength????

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Posted by John ( on March 18, 2005 at 06:29:05:

I have been attempting to locate information about the effect of knots on the strength of lines. Iíve searched extensively on the internet and havenít been able to locate the actual breaking tension (or even a reasonable percentage figure). I have never found a knot connection to be as strong as the standing lineÖ 100% (the possible exception of the bimini twist which does test at about the same tensile strength as the standing line). Iíve done some limited testing on the clinch and trilene using 8 and 17 lb. Berkeley Vanish line and end up, for the 8# line, with and average of 70% for the clinch and a bit over 75% for the Trilene. The range in test results for 5 trials was on the order of (+ - ) 1 pound. The 17# performed a little closer to the line test with around 78% for the clinch (+ - 1.5 lb) and 89% for the Trilene (+ - 0.5 lb). Iíve seen advertisements ďsuperior knot strengthĒ and references to 100% knots so Iím sure someone has performed actual testing but I sure canít find it. Help?

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